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L8TM3 Reinforcing Trench Mesh (6.0m x 0.2m)

7.00 KGS


Trench Mesh is made specifically for use in residential footing trenches. Made from grade D500L ribbed reinforcing wire, Trench Mesh is made using a variety of longitudinal wires.

# of Long Wires: 3

Long Wire: 8mm x 100mm

Cross Wire: 4.75mm * 300mm

Total Width: 200mm

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Amongst the extensive range of products supplied by Sydney Reo is Trench Mesh which is designed and manufactured as long narrow reinforcement sheets which is most commonly used in paths, trenches, concrete footings and other such narrow spaces. Trench Mesh offers some benefits over traditional rebar in that it allows a degree of shaping of concrete and that on site, it is relatively easy to cut down to size, if and when that is required.

Trench Mesh comes in standard 6m lengths but is available in a variety of configurations with either 3 or 4 long wires, of differing diameters, plus options in total width ranging from 200 to 400mm.

This mesh is manufactured from D500L ribbed reinforcing wire which is a low carbon steel which is initially produced in coils by cold rolling, before being straightened out to create the bars which are then welded together to create the mesh.

At Sydney Reo we go the extra mile to make sure that our customers get exactly what they need, and to this end we provide an estimation service, where based on your drawings we can give an accurate assessment of your reinforcing needs no matter the size of your project. And with no minimum order, irregular items made to order and delivery within 24 hours on nearly all items, when you need reinforcing materials including Trench Mesh in Sydney ours is the number you should call.

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