Supplying Newcastle, Central Coast and Hunter Region

L11TM4 Reinforcing Trench Mesh (6.0m x 0.3m)

18.00 KGS


Trench Mesh is made specifically for use in residential footing trenches. Made from grade D500L ribbed reinforcing wire, Trench Mesh is made using a variety of longitudinal wires.

# of Long Wires: 4

Long Wire: 11mm x 100mm

Cross Wire: 4.75mm * 300mm

Total Width: 300mm

Please Contact US for any enquiries. 


At Sydney Reo we supply all of your reinforcing materials and accessories with a level of service and prices that you will find hard to match elsewhere, and when it comes to trench mesh, we have got you covered.

Trench mesh, commonly used in concrete footings where superior strength is required more in one direction than another, is manufactured from L grade ribbed wire that is welded together with different spacings in order to create differences within the mesh.

At Sydney Reo we offer the standard 6.0m lengths in three different widths with varying number of long wires. The smallest version, L8TM3 is made with only 3 long wires and is 0.2 metres in width, whilst we also supply trench mesh to Newcastle, Wollongong and Canberra manufactured from 4 or 5 long wires, measuring in at either 0.3 or 0.4 metres wide. Whatever your particular needs, here at Sydney Reo we can fulfil your order.

Ordering trench mesh from Sydney Reo is simple; we have no minimum order requirements, and with our own fleet of vans, flatbeds and booms we can normally deliver your order to site within 24 hours - and in the extremely rare occurrence of a problem, we have customer service available on live chat or contactable on the phone.

For all rebar, standard sizes or customised to your specifics, plus a comprehensive range of all the accessories required for you construction project, do not hesitate to contact us – we can even help you if you have problems estimating your rebar needs.

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