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N20 Deformed Galvanised Bar (20mm @ 6000mm)

15.50 KGS


Hot deep  Galvanised bar of standard N grade, 500 MPa. (D500N)

Original lengths as well as cut and bent into customer specifications are available for sale.

length: 6000mm

diameter: 20mm

weight: 15.5 kg per bar.

Please Contact US for any enquiries. 

It is widely recognised that rebar is essential when creating concrete structures, whether it be a driveway slab or a large building as the combination of steel and concrete creates a material with the optimal compressive and thermal stress; concrete and steel share very similar thermal expansion properties, thus as structures expand and shrink with temperature changes there is negligible stress experienced.

At Sydney Reo, alongside many other products we supply deformed galvanised steel bar in standard 6000mm lengths with options of either 12, 16 or 20mm diameter. Furthermore, we also offer the choice of hot dipped or regular galvanized bar in these dimensions. Hot Dipped rebar is created by dipping the bar in a bath of molten zinc, and the continuous zinc coating that this produces, is generally considered superior, offering greater durability, bond strength and thereby enhanced safety too. We also have the galvanized dowel bar.  

The strongest bar of them all, the N20 deformed galvanised bar is widely used in large constructions and weighs in at a hefty 15.5 kg per bar. However, with our fleet of trucks and flatbeds we aim to have your galvanised reinforcing supply delivered to your site within 24 hours, regardless of the size of you order.

And as the leading galvanised reo supplier in Sydney, we are happy to cut and bend our galvanised bar exactly to meet your specific requirements and we also supply a wide range of other reinforcing bars, round and threaded plus mesh and all the accessories you will need for your construction project.

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