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N12 Deformed Galvanised Bar (12mm @ 6000mm)

5.60 KGS


Hot deep  Galvanised bar of standard N grade, 500 MPa. (D500N)

Original lengths as well as cut and bent into customer specifications are available for sale.

length: 6000mm

diameter: 12mm

weight: 5.6 kg per bar.

Please Contact US for any enquiries. 

N12 rebar is often mistakenly referred to as Y12, and while it performs the same function as its predecessor is actually stronger due to improvements in the processes used to manufacture rebar.

N grade rebar is high strength, low carbon steel that is most commonly used for vertical and horizontal reinforcement of masonry walls, where the deliberately deformed surface of the bar facilitates superior locking anchorages. N12 refers to the diameter of the bar which is produced and supplied in a standard 6000mm length and weighs in at a little under a kilogram per metre length. Heavier and thicker versions, N16 and N20 are also available for when N12 has inadequate strength.

At Sydney Reo we are leading suppliers of rebar, reinforcing materials and accessories of all kinds and not only supply standard lengths of rebar, but provide a service, cutting and bending rebar into sizes and configurations that you require. In addition, we can prefabricate columns, footings, piles and similar structures that will assist expedite your construction project.

With our long-standing presence within the trade, we make full use of our extensive network of contacts and suppliers to ensure that we bring top quality products at highly competitive prices to our customers, and our commitment to customer service ensures that you can make all your rebar and reinforcing purchases from Sydney Rebar with complete peace of mind.

With delivery of orders usually completed within 24 hours and no minimum order requirement, why would you go anywhere else for your rebar?

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